Levey, Santina, and Milton Sonday. pantofle calceo
Levey, Santina, and Milton Sonday. pantofle calceo

And Taylor became the first known basketball player to make the transition from sneaker-wearer to sneaker salesman.

It’s certainly come a long way since then.

It would be wise to browse the current selection and start curating a wishlist within your shopping bag now.

These cases are a step forward for underpaid American workers, but in reality, they make up a small percentage of laborers who will get properly compensated for their work.

Such laws shall also provide for the equalization of assessments of land valued in accordance with the provisions hereof and for the assessment and collection of any additional taxes levied thereupon and shall include such other provisions as shall be necessary to carry out the provisions of this amendment.

There are multiple approaches to block the brachial plexus distal to the interscalene groove, all of which result in anesthesia to the entire upper extremity from the mid humerus to the fingertips.

The company hopes to rely on mass production of the shoe for India's growing market.

Whether it’s the fit, size, or color, you’ll be able to make changes without investing a lot into an imperfect product.

Parents gave their written informed consent.

This data is derived from Datamyne, using US import and export trade data released by the US Census Bureau in the Merchandise Trade dataset.

old-fashioned clothes , especially black clothes , that are worn as a sign of respect for someone who has died

It was at this event that adidas chose to launch its new logo, the Trefoil.

The Barong Tagalog became popular once again to be worn as a formal wear, popularized by the then-President Ramon Magsaysay.

At each stage, transportation workers and advertising people may have been needed.

We are always looking for artists to create images for our paper, either for our stories or to be featured in our Artchive.

It's a reminder that people have been fretting about sagging for nearly three decades.

Another brand that turned to Greek mythology for its name is Hermès.

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