Komodo Island as the Wonderful Place to Feel an Amazing Beauty of Wild Nature

Komodo Island as the Wonderful Place to Feel an Amazing Beauty of Wild Nature

Komodo Island is one of the unique and beautiful islands which can use as your destination point if you are visiting Indonesia. Komodo Island will offer a view of wild nature that you will not find anywhere else in the world, the charm of the island reptile that may be present only in our minds or even if prehistoric movie themes.

Komodo Island is not the only one the pride of Indonesia, however, will be part of the pride of the world. Because this place is known as one of the Seven Wonders of the world. This island is located in the West Manggarai regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. It is placed on a volcanic island in Indonesia Wallace as home to more than 5,700 giant lizards or Komodo and place of life about 4,000 people. In order to achieve this island, there is a wide variety of accommodations ranging from dormitory for the local community to establish an international resort.

Komodo Island Map

Komodo Island Map ( image: interaktif.kompas.id/labuan_bajo)

Since 1980, in 1817 km2 area made on National Park by the Government of Indonesia, which is recognized by the World Heritage Sites of UNESCO in 1986. In addition, this place is the only natural habitat of the Komodo in the world and is approved by the World Wildlife Federation (WWF) and International Conservation as a priority for conservation.

Komodo Island

Labuan Bajo РKomodo Island ( pic : loveandroad.com)

On this island, you can enjoy a round of Komodo National Park to observe Komodo life. Additionally, you can also enjoy a variety of water sports here. The best diving spot in this place is on north and south of the islands. The water around of the Komodo Island is special because the water is warm water.

Exactly, the Komodo National Park consists of three major islands. Those are Komodo island, Rinca island and Padar island which are along with other 26 islands. You can find 11 mountain or hill and also beautiful savanna broad. Here is the only place you can find ancient species of reptiles, Komodo (Varanus Komodoensis).

Komodo Island Indonesia

Komodo Island Indonesia

You will not find any wonderful place like this national park in elsewhere. The hot and dry condition of the nature such as the wide savannah is the perfect case for the Komodo dragon. It is the largest species of lizard in the world with an average length of 2.3 meters and weighs 70 kg. The largest species of wild Komodo 3:13 meters and its weight of 166 kilograms. The tail has the same length as its body and has about 60 sharp teeth because it belongs carnivores.

Not only Komodo but also you can find deer in the wild savannah. In addition, the Park also provides you with a beautiful sea with a great living. You can find 10 species of dolphins and 6 kinds of whale cowfish. Not to mention 259 species of coral and 1,000 species of fish such as marlin, barracuda, and many others.

It will be difficult to explain all the captivation of this place. If you are really a traveller, visit this stunning Komodo Island to feel an amazing beauty of nature

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