Kuta Lombok Beach, Everything you need to know about Kuta Lombok Beach

What about Kuta Lombok

Kuta Lombok Beach – Kuta Beach is usually synonymous with the most famous beaches on the Bali Island. If you think that Kuta Beach Bali is a very beautiful beach, however you will be amazed when you are visiting Kuta Beach in Lombok. It is located in the southern region of Lombok Island. This beautiful beach has a cleaner stretch of sand and white. And the coastline is bumpier with healthy coral reefs. Thus, it can present to you the romantic and amazing scenery. If you want to visit Kuta Beach Lombok, you can come to Kuta Village in the Pujut district of central Lombok regency. This beach has a coastline of 7.2 Kilometers. To the west of the coast, there is a hill called Mandalika Hill.

Kuta Lombok

Kuta Lombok

Mandalika Hill name is taken from the ancient story of the local community, about a princess named Mandalika. Princess Mandalika finally jumped into the sea from this hill, avoiding the pursuit of a prince who wanted to marry her. Well at the moment now, this hill becomes the most appropriate place to enjoy the view of Kuta from a height. If you reach the top of the Mount Mandalika, you will see the beautiful view of Kuta Beach that has clear sea water. Even you can also see the cluster of coral reefs. Beside the beautiful view of the Kuta Lombok, it sure you can do many things there as you want.


How to get to Kuta Lombok Beach

To reach the island of Lombok actually is not difficult. You can visit this paradise island through various alternative paths, such as air, sea or land. In general, Lombok can be reached from big cities in Indonesia. They are such as Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Bandung, Bali, Medan and so forth. Getting to Lombok by air is the most common alternative that traveler use. Since Lombok already has an international airport, the island can be reached by flights from the airports in the big cities above. The majority of domestic airlines provide direct flights to Lombok. But there are several flight paths that pass or transit first at the airport of Bali. For those of you who can’t wait to travel to Lombok soon, this air line is the most appropriate alternative. It’s just that you have to provide more funds than through other path alternative.

map of kuta Lombok

map of kuta Lombok – Kuta Lombok Beach

Making a flight to Lombok Island is the fastest alternative route. Flights to Lombok from Jakarta usually take about 4 hours flight. If you are doing a flight from Surabaya, Lombok can be reached with a travel time of about 2 hours. While from the island of Bali, flights to Lombok will take about 20 minutes. It is relatively short right. To get Lombok by land and sea is not much different. The landline will only take you when on the mainland, for example from Jakarta or Bandung. But you have to go by sea to cross to the mainland afterwards. Because the territory of East Indonesia is a group of islands, so do not be surprised if you will often travel through the sea.

Trips to Lombok via the Sea Line usually use the Sea Ship which the majority provided by PT. PELNI. While from the nearest island as like Bali or Sumbawa, travel to Lombok can be reached by using Ferry or speed boat. Usually on the island of Lombok you will set foot in the Port of Sheet or Labuhan port formerly. Sheet Port is a port in West Lombok, while Labuhan Port is located in East Lombok. These two ports are the gateway to Lombok Island. Furthermore, travel to Lombok via land and sea route takes longer time, compared to using air path. But for those of you who have spare time, want to feel more experience, and only have limited funds, both of these lines is the right choice. Although it takes a relatively long time, but experience and adventure is more colorful and diverse you will get during the trip to Lombok.

Especially for you who choose the land route and sea route to reach Lombok, it is recommended that you prepare physically first. Try to bring luggage that is not too much, so you more easily carry and control your luggage. Prepare cash in sufficient quantities, but do not worry because in some cities during the trip easily found ATM facilities. The cash will be more efficient to make transactions during your trip. And you should not wear jewelry that is too flashy, for the security and comfort of your trip.

kuta lombok map

kuta lombok map – Kuta Lombok Beach

  1. Lombok airport to Kuta Lombok

If you are from Lombok airport that is located in the city of Mataram, you can get Kuta Lombok is about 72 Kilometers to the southeast and it can be reached for about 90 minutes trip. Thus, it is recommended that you rent a car or join a tour package. It is because public transport is very rare and relatively expensive. And it only operates until 3 pm o’clock. If you are late just for a little, it will make you have to stay there or hire a taxi that is relatively expensive. Before reaching this beach, you will pass through Sade Village. This village is the village of Sasak tribe, the native of Lombok Island. In this village, the Sasak people also make Traditional Woven Fabrics. Make sure you shorten, to see the traditional process of making this woven fabric.

  1. Sengigi to Kuta Lombok

If you live in Senggigi and want to explore the stunning southern coast of Lombok Island, you need the time for about 90 minutes to Kuta. By comparison, the coast of Kuta is more rugged and has a white stretch of clear beaches than long, and there are no tourists in sight! If your hotel, villa or resort is in Kuta or Senggigi, you can simply book a car transfer service on this website. The driver will take you from the hotel and take you to your destination anywhere in Kuta. The journey takes about two hours, depending on the traffic. During car trips, you can pass through tropical forests and beautiful rural villages. Kuta is near Lombok Airport, so if you have an international or local flight from there after visiting Lombok, it may be the perfect place to end your holiday. You can choose at any time of the day to suit you, which will save you the hassle of bartering locally for taxis.


Kuta Lombok Things to do

Once you arrive at the beach location, lots of activities you can do on this amazing beach. Ii is like surfing, snorkeling, or just playing water while waiting for a beautiful sunset. About 2 km east of Kuta Beach, you can also visit Seger Beach. This beach is still on the same coastline with Kuta Beach. The scenery is also amazing. But for snorkling and surfing lovers, Seger Beach is the right place. On the beach is also available snorkling and surf equipment rental. But make sure you bid up to 30% if interested in renting. Here other activities that you can do in Kuta Lombok are as follows:

  1. Swimming and sunbathing on one of the many beaches
Kuta Lombok Beach

Swimming at Kuta Lombok Beach ( pic wanderersandwarriors.com)

There are many wonderful beaches near Kota Lombok. There is Kuta Beach, Mawun Beach, Selong Belanak Beach, Mawi Beach, Tanjung Aan Beach, Sedek Beach, or Pink Beach. However, remember that you have to be careful to leave your valuables on the unattended shore.

  1. Surfing
surfing in kuta lombok beach

surfing in kuta lombok beach

Kuta Lombok is a surfing paradise. There are more than 17 different surfing sites accessible from Kuta. There is a beach with surf and an epic beach for professionals. The beaches of the best beginners are Mawun Beach, Selong Belanak, and Tanjung Anan. Professionals can visit Desert Point Beach.

  1. Visit the traditional village of Sasak
traditional village of Sasak

traditional village of Sasak

This place is a traditional village where you can experience how the Sasak people lived for centuries. It’s a tourist spot, but it’s still interesting to explore.

  1. Enjoy the sunset at Kuta Lombok from Ashtari Cafe
sunset kuta lombok

sunset kuta lombok

You have to visit this place. Ashtari Cafe is located on a hill near the busy Kuta center. From here you have breathtaking views of the Kuta and you can see one of the best sunsets ever. The views are amazing!

  1. Rent a scooter and explore the area

Rent a scooter ( pic: http://www.capecoconut.com)

The best way to explore Kota Lombok is by scooter. The cost of renting the scooter here is around Rp50 per day (excluding fuel). Scooters will enable you to reach many beaches, cities and other places awaiting exploration.


Kuta Lombok Nightlife

The night life on the beautiful island of Lombok is great fun. Away from the madness of Gili Trawangan, Lombok offers a variety of nightlife for all types of travelers. From comfortable live music to cozy bars, Dj nights and private parties to the special bars – Lombok has it all. Since my first visit to the island of Lombok, I have been pleased by friendly and smiling people and their culture and their practice of culture and entertainment. Basically, all they do is surf every morning and party every night. Usually parties cover one post but you can often find parties or home parties afterwards if you are really interested. The party at Lombok just stops, when you want to stop.

You can also enjoy the night in Kuta by going to the Bar Bus that is located at the top of the Lombok bar, within easy reach. It is not only has the decor excellent, but also happy hours in daily cocktails with pumping pulse awesome dj post 2100 hours. They also have a barbecue night and a festive night so make sure you check their schedule to find the best day to visit. In Kuta Lombok, there is one big party that happens every night so make sure you find it and stick to it. The Surf Bar is another great option and you can have a pre-party drink anywhere. Whether it’s a nice restaurant (your favorite), you can enjoy the delicious rush or see the espresso products on a night of live music. With many options, Kota Lombok does not disappoint.


Where to stay in Kuta Lombok

When you come to the Kuta Lombok, it sure that you need to put everything that you bring and also you need the place to stay. As you know that Kuta Beach Lombok is quite famous, so you do not worry for the business stay. You can find many places for you to stay. However, everything depends on the budget. The price is various each places. If you are around Kuta Beach or Seger Beach, you can find many hotels or lodging that is widely available there. The place that you can visit to stay is such as Lamancha homestays, Novatel Lombok, and you can find more information about recommended hotels around Kuta Lombok.

Kuta Lombok Beaches

As you know that there are many beaches in Lombok, one of them is Kuta Lombok beach. The beach that is located in a coastal city in the southern island of Lombok in Indonesia as spectacular view. The beauty of Kuta Lombok Beach not only exists in the island of Bali but also exist in Lombok Island. Kuta Lombok beach has clear sea water with a very beautiful stretch of white sand, so crisp you can see the scenery under the sea from the surface of the water. In addition to enjoying a variety of fun water sports you can watch the Nyale Bale Ceremony at the often held local community around Seger Beach. Nyale scent ceremony is a tradition of catching nyale worms conducted by local people to commemorate the story of the Mandalika Princess that the men contested. Lombok Island Beach Tour does have a myriad of awesome beaches, especially beaches in the southern region of Lombok Island. Many things you can do in this beach. That’s all for the explanation about Kuta Lombok Beach that you can know in order to make your holiday in this place run smoothly and everything will you do well.

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