Nusa Dua Bali, Everything you need to know about Nusa Dua Beach Bali

1.What about Nusa Dua Bali

Nusa Dua Bali as Bali’s famous tourist spot has wonderful attraction of its beach such as cleanliness, calm waves, shallow sea, and luxury resorts. In Nusa Dua there are four white sand beaches that is very suitable for family and children vacation spots. In addition, there is information on the best way to the sightseeing; types of activities as well as tourist objects are in the same direction and close together. The origin name of Nusa Dua is from two small islands connected to the mainland. Nusa Dua tourist resort area is managed by a company called ITDC. There is a park that is located in Nusa Dua area. It is the most beautiful garden that exist in Bali. By the time you enter the entrance gate of Nusa Dua tourist attraction, it will not be seen that behind the park there are five star international standard hotels which employ thousands of employees. Apart from being a place to stay, hotels and resorts in Nusa Dua are very often used as a place of international and national conferences.

Nusa Dua Bali - Nusa Dua Beach Bali

Nusa Dua Bali – Nusa Dua Beach Bali

Nusa Dua as one of the tourist attractions of Bali is very impressed to the luxury and very neatly arranged. Cleanliness is well preserved and trees maintained. For you who want to stay in a five star hotel completed with clean and white sand beach, then hotel in Nusa Dua Bali area, maybe during vacation in Bali, you can prioritize the place to stay first. In addition to the park and luxury hotels, tourist attractions Nusa Dua are also famous for its white sand beaches and calm sea water.


2. How to get to Nusa dua Bali

Nusa Dua Map - Nusa Dua Bali

Nusa Dua Map – Nusa Dua Bali

It is so easy to come to Nusa Dua Bali because there is much transportation to get there. Just be ready with your budget of transportation when you have a holiday in here. If you want to get to Nusa Dua Bali, you will offer some transportation that you may choose as you want such as bellow:

2.1. Aircraft

For the first way how to get Nusa Dua Bali is by taking plane or aircraft. You can take this kind of transportation from wherever you are. In this case you can go to Nusa Dua by plane destination Bali. Starting from the airline Low Cost Carrier (LCC) to full service has a flight route to Bali. Arriving at Ngurah Rai International Airport, you can use a rental car, taxi or use the pickup service from the hotel where you stay.

3.2. Ferry

The common transportation that is used to get the Nusa Dua Bali is by taking Ferry Boat. It is used for crossing from the Port of Banyuwangi and Bali, where the ship can also transport cars and motorcycles.

3.3 Bus

The next way how to get Nusa Dua Bali is by taking the Bus. Travel by bus can be reached from Bungurasih Bus station in Surabaya to Ubung Bus station within 10 hours drive. It is the way for you who want to start the journey from Surabaya. If you come from other city, you can directly take the plane. From Ubung bus station, you can take a motorcycle taxi to Batubulan bus station. Furthermore, you can connect with Trans Sarbagita bus to Nusa Dua.


4. Nusa Dua Things to do

When you come to Nusa Dua Bali, it sure that many things you can do there. Many visitors who come to Nusa Dua like to do a relaxing beach holiday, then spend their days for swimming, further enjoy the views across the water and also have dinner on the beautiful beaches there. There are also many cultural activities in Nusa Dua although many tourists stay away from staying within the limits of their resort, but if you want to get out of them, there is a huge amount to enjoy by the sea and sand. Besides that, you can also do shopping and snorkeling. For the further explanation related to them, you can see bellow:

4.1. Nusa Dua Shopping

Nusa Dua Shopping

Nusa Dua Shopping

Nusa Dua offers several opportunities for you to shop, however to find big retail you must go to Kuta or Seminyak. Shopping in Nusa Dua mainly caters to tourists on holiday, making it relatively easy to find the perfect beach or a comfortable resort. Here some places that you can go with to shop such as Bali Collection, Supermarket Pepito, Hardy’s Nusa Dua Plaza, and so on. Where ever the place that you visit, just enjoy the journey with your beloved and happy shooping in Nusa Dua.

Nusa Dua Shoping

Nusa Dua Shopping


4.2. Nusa Dua Snorkeling

Nusa Dua Snorkeling

Nusa Dua Snorkeling

Snorkelling is a water sport activity that develops into a water tourism activity, where snorkeling is also very popular for water activity activists. One of the places that you can visit to do snorkeling is in Tanjung Benoa Beach. Tanjung Benoa Nusadua Bali is an ideal place for snorkeling. It is located on the headland benoa Nusa Dua Bali south. The beauty of Tanjung Benoa beach is not in doubt anymore, besides having a unique history in this tanjung benoa village became the center of marine tourism activity in bali. And its strategic leoking also supports this place as an alternative tourism watersport in bali. Only 30 minutes away from Kuta to get this location.


5. Best Place to go at night in Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua’s nightlife scene is similar to its partners in Ubud, where activity after dark is smoother and more vibrant than in Kuta, Seminyak or Legian. However, you can find many places to go for some amazing entertainment and a memorable evening. Most of the resorts at Nusa Dua have a bar or lounge where you can enjoy delicious cocktails and good company around the comfortable or open stage where exotic cultural performances are served with a sumptuous buffet. The other is an independent venue, each offering a different menu and music for an enjoyable evening. This is the best place to go at night in Nusa Dua are as follows:

5.1 Devdan Show at Nusa Dua

Theater Devdan is one of the best theater performances on the island, featuring night, four times a week at Bali Nusa Dua Theater. It is located near the beachfront “The Bay” restaurant; you can go before or after dinner on the Nusa Dua peninsula by foot to the theater and enjoy this wonderful treatment.

5.2 King Cole Bar

The second place that you canvn visit to see the amazing nightlife in  usa Dua is in the Bali Regis King Cole Bar. It follows the fame of New York Regis, the hometown of Bloody Mary. The Regis Bali Resort has a luxurious lounge area where you can enjoy a wide range of sumptuous Champagne, divine cocktails and sparkling cocktails with fresh juice. Great Place If you want to spend your evening in luxury, the resort also offers a dancing dance with dancers who run the resort and set the torch on certain points, as a scene and introduction to your evening.

5.3 Sol Beach House Benoa

The next place for enjoy the night in Nusa Dua is Sol Beach House Benoa that is in Tanjung Benoa, just south of Nusa Dua, offers exciting cabaret shows every Sunday for all-inclusive guests. From the simultaneous hype with Whitney Houston’s lips, to the Vegas style dance-style dancers, the magnificent nightclub is a highlight of the resort’s triumph, held earlier in the Grand Ballroom, but is now a regular addition to its live performance. You can also find the outdoor entertainment on the beach. Contemporary ballet dancers are added to ballet cultural performances that include traditional dances and accompaniment of the gelloan orchestra. The events remain on schedule but return to the hall in case of bad weather.


6. Best Place to shop in Nusa Dua

The 5-star luxury resort in Nusa Dua is home to a selection of shopping outlets offering fashion, spa products, art and souvenirs to take home. Although not as selective as other tourist destinations in Bali, Ubud is full of boutique and artistic markets, for example, Kuta and Seminyak in the south of the island. Here, visitors will still find many ways to operate credit cards. Although you can find fashion and fashion boutiques in your hotel, for a shopping adventure, you can take a leisurely stroll along Mengiat Beach Road, full of small art shops where you can bid on shows through traditional carvings, clothing, sculptures, and unique ornaments. This is the best option to shop in Nusa Dua to start your shopping trip. Here the place that you can visit for your shopping trips is as like below:

6.1. Bali Collection

Bali colletion is the main shopping and entertainment complex within the Nusa Dua tourism development complex in Bali. It consists of a wide open gallery of 37 fashion shops, 17 specialty shops, 11 art shops, three (3) convenience stores, seven (7) health resorts, an inverter center and a wide range of 21 outlets for food and drink. The weekly live entertainment shows feature a traditional bamboo musical orchestra every Friday from 6 pm onwards, providing fun for children, a Top 40 movie, and fashion shows from all fashion boutiques. Free shuttle service from hotels in Nusa Dua adds comfort.

6.2.  Sogo Department Store

The next place for you to go shopping trip is Sogo Department Store. It is a large shopping center and occupies a large area outside the shopping complex at Bali Collection Nusa Dua and inside you will find a mix of international and local brands under one roof. Sogo, which has been refurbished all the time, offers an enjoyable and fun shopping trip with a variety of shops offering a variety of selective items such as cosmetics, perfumes, women’s and men’s clothing, a wide range of accessories, toys, children’s wear and household items. Furthermore, there is a Starbucks inside the store which offers quick coffee breaks while shopping.

6.3. Mengiat Beach Road

The next is Mengiat Beach Road. It offers a street shopping experience with a variety of art shops on both sides. Approaching the BTDC area, you will find a 500-meter walk south of the main gate through the statue of Dua Rossi. The hotel is within walking distance of Bali Group, providing a great alternative to shopping. The rows of traditional small art galleries are similar to those found in Poppies Lane in Kuta or the art market in Sanur Beach. Then, the items displayed are all similar, it is from batik and sarong, kites, wood carvings, tropical t-shirts which has various prints, key chains, and many other things that you can bring home. The prices is actually vary but in Nusa Dua Bali are usually higher than other areas. However here is dealing with welcomed and recommended.


7. Where to stay in Nusa Dua

The first time to think after arriving Nusa Dua Bali usually is the place to stay. Actually there are many places there for you to stay and you can adjust it with your budget you have at this time. However, if you need some best places for your amazing trip here, you can see the explanation below.

7.1. Nusa Dua Hotels

You can look at these 10 magnificent villas in Nusa Dua for your next visit to the island’s most exclusive beach resort area. Nusa Dua is mainly made up of some of the five star luxury accommodations on the island, and the selection of the most famous Nusa Dua villas will make it one of the many options available. Each of the most popular hotel and villa in Nusa Dua welcomes spacious rooms and also living areas, some with private pools with well-tended tropical gardens, and direct access to Nusa Dua sands. While the 10 large villas at Nusa Dua offer good privacy, the main sights, entertainment and dining areas of this beachfront area can also be easily reached.

7.2. Nusa Dua Beach Hotel

Actually there are many place for you to stay in hotels, here some example hotels that you can try to visit such as The St. Regis Bali Resort, Villa Karang Putih by Nagisa Bali, Kayumanis Nusa Dua Private Villa & Spa, Amarterra Villas Bali Nusa Dua – MGallery Collection, and The Ritz-Carlton Bali. That’s all for the explanation about Nusa Dua Bali that you need for your trip. Expecting much it can help you and useful for you.

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