Sanur Beach Bali – All You Need to Know Before You Go

About Sanur beach

Sanur Beach Bali – Tourist attractions that are always be a tourist destination throughout the year from various circles is the beach area. One of the crowded beaches is Sanur Beach. There are several reasons why Sanur Beach as a tourist objects that you can enjoy very much. One of them is located not far from the city of Denpasar which is approximately 10 minutes away. Its location is easy to reach by vehicle and the uniqueness of other supporters such as white sand, beautiful scenery of its sunrise. Besides it has calm waves and large sand area with calm waves that make visitors feel at home for long stay in this beach. In addition to natural scenery of Sanur Beach also provides facilities that pamper visitors. Food stalls and inns from suitcase to backpack are available along the coastal route.

Sanur Beach Bali

The visitors just choose according to taste and ability. For visitors who bring along their families, this beach is a very suitable choice. The waves are calm and shallow coastal so safe to invite the children also swim. No pebbles and sharp rocks and no dangerous corals are very supportive for those who just want to swim and soak. Further, Sanur tourism area is also very close distance to the location of Ngurah Rai Airport and other tourist attractions such as Kuta, Ubud, and Nusa Dua. Thus if you want to go to this beach, you can still to other place around it. But in the afternoon the sea water more often receded. Because the position of the beach facing eastward, making most of the coast is perfect for viewing the sunrise. Sanur beach area other than as a tourist, also famous as a port of fast boat (fast boat). For those of you who like fishing, you can also rent a local fishing boat that is widely available on Sanur beach. Furthermore, in the beach area there are paths along the shoreline and usually these paths are often used by local people for cycling, go sightseeing or running.

How to get to Sanur beach Bali

Actually, it is so very easy to get Sanur Beach Bali. You can use transportation as you want in order to come here. However, just take the transportation the safety one for yourself and your health. In this case, you can also use some private vehicles especially if you rent car or motorcycle rental in Bali. From the direction of Ngurah Rai International Airport, Sanur beach is about 16 KM, or it can take for about 31 minutes. If you need some maps to get there, you can  open your goggle map that is available on your gadget, thus you can get the place easily without getting lost.

Sanur Bali Map

Sanur Bali Map

If you want to get Sanur Beach by taking some public transportations, so you have to read and learn some the explanations here in order to make it easy your journey. The most important thing to start a holiday to the West Bali area if you are from east jave especially Surabaya, you have to start from the terminal Bungurasih Surabaya. Then, you can take the bus majoring Denpasar, if the bus that you ride is a bus majoring Surabaya / Malang to Banyuwangi, you no longer need to back and forth to replace the bus, but if you ride a bus that only until Pasuruan, or Probolinggo or Situbondo then you have to ride the bus repeatedly, the point is if you start from Surabaya or Malang, the first bus is arrived at terminal Pasuruan, then Probolinggo, then Situbondo, then terminal Banyuwangi (it is the order of bus majors of surabaya and from malang) which will end in Terminal Banyuwangi.

If you have arrived at the terminal banyuwangi, you no need to get off the public transport bus, ask for it to drop off at Ketapang Banyuwangi port, to save the cost of mini payment of public transport, upon arrival at the crossing of Ketapang Port – Gilimanuk, take the ferry by buying a ticket at the counter, travel from the port Ketapang – Gilimanuk approximately 30 minutes journey, once you have arrived at Port Gilimanuk, you can find Bus majors Gilimanuk Denpasar, total journey approximately 12 hours journey from the city of Surabaya / Malang. For you come from another city or country, you can take the plane from the airport that is near from your place at the time then just buy the ticket to go to Denpasar, Bali.


Sanur Bali Things to Do

Besides, spend the time for getting your brain fresh, theer are also some activities that you can do when you have a holiday in Sanur Beach Bali. Sanur is known for its small beach town in Bali that offers some visitors a quieter piece of island. Away from centers like Kuta or Seminyak, many families flock to quiet, child-friendly beaches. There is no surfing sport here, so if you are chasing the waves you will be better off going somewhere else, but if you want to spend a relaxing holiday on the beach in Bali, it is hard to beat Sanur. As well as soft sandy beaches you will also find a wide range of restaurants as well as resorts and small hotels. There are not a lot of attractions here like museums, but some interesting places, and the main reason to come here is to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of Bali Island. One of the best things to do is spend a day at the beach and then dine in fresh seafood in the evening and you will find some charming bars and live music events if you are looking for something to do in the evening.


Sanur Beach Activity

However, do not forget to do some activities as like below in order your holiday in Sanur Beach Bali more awesome and memorable. Here some activities that you can do are as follows:

  1. Visit the Le Mayor Museum

Specially for art lovers. The former Belgian artist Adrian Jean-le-Mayor and his wife, Ne Bullock, are now working as museums. The museum contains nearly 90 paintings of Le Mayeurs, many of them with Ni Polok as a defender. The Le Mayeur Museum is located on the beach, next to the Grand Bali Beach. The building looks completely separate.

  1. Play golf at Bali Beach

Sanur has a 9-hole golf course – Bali Beach Golf Course. The course is not as difficult as the major golf courses in Bali, but it is perfect for a few hours of golf to relax.

  1. Enjoy the excitement of water sports

Choose your favorite windsurfing, water skiing, kite surfing, or watering on a banana boat. Surfers should go to Grand Hyatt for a good wave. The best time of the year to ride Grand Hyatt is from November to April.

  1. Pamper yourself with spa treatments and massages

Bali is famous for its spa and massages. There are many kinds of spa and massage options there. Most of the hotels offer top-notch treatments.

  1. Travel on Sanur Beach Road.

You can walk on Sanurs Beach for 4 km. You can enjoy a cup of coffee or a drink in one of the many cafes and restaurants while watching life along the coast.

Sanur Bali Nightlife

Sanur’s nightlife is the total opposite of West Coast resort partners (such as Kuta, Legian or Seminyak), where most of Bali’s lively bars and clubs are located. Sanur’s nightlife is of the lower class of adults, in keeping with the calm and comfortable atmosphere, and enjoys the best of friends. In addition, local rules in place require some places in some areas to close right after midnight. However, Sanur’s night life has some famous pubs and bars where all of the visitors can enjoy many superb night meals, good company, international beers, and live music performances that cover everything from reggae to the best 40 trips. The location is mostly overlooking the beach, or by the side of the road within walking distance of the hotel, especially on the main road of Tamplingan lake. The Adora Super Club is the only exception that provides a local alternative to hip-hop, located in the side corridor away from the abandoned area. Here are the best places to go at night in Sanur are as follows:

  1. Adora Super Club Casablanca content and walnut beatles.

Adora Super Club is part of the Harrads Hotel and Spa, and is the only main night club in Sanur. Blue Eyes Cafe Previously, it’s hard to miss this Super Club because this is the first big place to see when heading east from Kuta along Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai. Being on the outskirts of Sanur – a great distance from the main coastal resort areas – it is understood that it is exempt from local regulations that prohibit places of entertainment along coastal villages to operate after midnight.

  1. Casablanca House

Casablanca Sanur is one of the coolest places to gather with friends for a night in Sanur. It is located on Sanur’s main street exactly on Tamblingan, and then it features live music every night. The restaurant also serves some breakfast, lunch and dinner during the day, switching to nightlife for dinner. The large local bands go to the theater with different collections and different styles of music every night – they also play a role to satisfy the majority of the audience at night. The music is beautiful and not too high so you still have a comfortable conversation.


Where to stay in Sanur beach

Actually, there are many places that you can stay for your holiday in Sanur Beach Bali.  Sanur Bali hotels also are available there to offer you many kinds of benefit. The best beach hotels in Sanur Beach promise you to stay on this magnificent beach from the sunrise which is fun and unforgettable. There is no better way to experience Sanur than near the coast, as it is one of the best resort areas in Bali where you can wake up on a quiet sea view, or eat with the calm waves and the apparent image of the island’s highest peak. Those looking for a good job of water sports will also find a place to stay in these wonderful hotels on Sanur’s luxurious beach. However just get the Sanur beachs hotels as your budget you have prepared and also it must depend on your comfort.

Best beachfront hotel in sanur beach

Most of the best beachfront hotels that exist in Sanur Beach offer some awesome activities such as walking under the water and so on. Besides that, there are many restaurants there, art shops and also beach bars just a short stroll along Sanur’s convenient coastal road. When staying at Sanur’s Sanur Resort & Spa, you will be on the beach for about 10 minutes drive from Sanur Beach and Mertasari Beach. Excellent facilities include a business center, free newspapers in the lobby and dry cleaning / laundry service. An airport shuttle is available for a surcharge (available 24 hours) and a complimentary car parking is available.

When you are in Sanur Beach Bali and you are staying at Tandjung Sari in Sanur, you will be on the beach, a 10-minute drive from Sanur Beach and Sanur Night Market. High-class amenities include a 24-hour business center, dry cleaning and laundry services and a 24-hour front desk. An airport shuttle is available for a surcharge (available 24 hours) and valet parking is complimentary.

Staying at Segara Village Hotel in Sanur, you will be a 1-minute walk from Sanur Beach and a 9-minute walk from the Sanur Night Market. Premium amenities has a business center, dry cleaning such as laundry services, and complimentary lobby newspapers. A roundtrip airport shuttle service is available at an additional cost and free self parking is available at the hotel.

That’s all for some explanation related Sanur Beach Bali that you can read and get from many informations there. May it can be useful for you all as a reader.

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