Sanur Beach as The Best Place to Enjoy The Amazing Beauty of Sunrise in Bali

Sanur Beach as The Best Place to Enjoy The Amazing Beauty of Sunrise in Bali

Sanur Beach – Sanur Beach is one of the best destinations in Bali, Indonesia. Facing Sanur village 3 kilometers from the coast, a place where the spirit of the island can always enjoy and enjoy. The area is a haven for dining, shopping, sightseeing, almost everything. Almost people say Sanur Beach is the best place to watch the sunrise and you can go to the Matahari Beach to see the best sunrise. With regard to accommodation, Sanur host several properties at the beach hotel, private villas, cottage, or a five-star hotel. Here, the visitor wants to enjoy their holiday with eat some meals at the restaurant or cafe in edge of beautiful beaches. Sanur is also the perfect place to fine art galleries, inspired shopping, and cultural monuments.

Sanur Beach Bali

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Sanur Beach often selected for beginners and ideal for surfers for canoeing, sailing, catamarans, and other water sports. Sanur is a very prominent in the history of the Dutch coast of Bali especially when it landed on the island of Bali in 1906. The first fight between the Dutch and signed imposed on people in Sanur. For more vacation choose Sanur as their destination for a trouble-free arrival and short closeness to some of the things that must be considered attractive tourist. As well as efforts to transport, public buses and taxis everywhere. Renting a car also seems reasonable and affordable when you stay in Sanur.

Sanur Picture Sanur Beach

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For those who are tired of staying in hotels are advised to choose a luxury villa in Sanur. Sanur has a lot of private villas, from affordable to those who are stylish and expensive. Although there are more modern designed villas in Sanur, but it is still easy to find villa building that looks ideal even in Balinese style. It is a feature of this villa with reed thatched roof supported by columns ornate carving. Traditional elements mixed with various philosophies make a beautiful and tranquil retreat for lovers of tropical holidays from around the world. Grill or special pool parties can also be arranged.

Sunrise on Sanur Beach

Sanur will please satisfy your appetite by providing an abundance of inexpensive restaurants for an exclusive restaurant on the sea and beach cafes. Danau Poso, Lake Tamblingan, or Sindhu Beach streets where to taste different dishes of seafood, worn, Indonesia, China, Japan, Italy, France, for fast food. In addition, the night market Sanur is also worth checking out to taste the local food more affordable.

Sanur Beach – Best Place to See Sunrise

Shopping in around of Sanur is not often expensive, especially when you compared to Nusa Dua shopping center or Ubud art gallery. If you want to buy souvenirs you can visit the market Sanur Beach. Situated on Jalan Segara Ayu, within a short walk of a private villa, will be pampers you with a wide range of Bali’s souvenirs that you will not find anywhere else. It is an affordable buy T-shirts, sarongs, wood carvings, and more.

Sanur Beach, Enjoying The Beautiful Sunrise

All in all, Sanur spoil you fine choice. If you want spend your holiday in the best tropical place, visit this stunning Sanur Beach to feel an amazing beauty of sunrise.


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