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About Sengigi Beach Lombok

Sengigi Lombok – Traveling to Lombok Island is something unfamiliar if you are offered to stay in the Senggigi Beach area of Lombok because this place is the center of tourism in Lombok and as well as its natural beauty which is surrounded by hills with the beaches of the bay, making it the most crowded destination in visit. Because of the beauty of the beach and the strategic location of development in the area of Senggigi Beach continues to grow in accordance with the needs of the traveler, in addition to hotels, restaurants and places to shop, other facilities continue to be developed, one such as ports to facilitate access to other sites.

Sengigi beach Lombok

Sengigi beach Lombok

Senggigi Beach is located on the west coast of the island of Lombok precisely located on Jl. Raya Senggigi Km 6 – 10 Batulayar District, West Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province with distance about 1 hour from Lombok Airport to Senggigi or about 20 minutes from downtown Mataram. It is located between Mataram City and North Lombok regency, it is very easy for you to visit for business or vacation because of other famous dastination such as 3 Gili, Bukit Malimbu, Mount Rinjani, or Sendang Gile waterfall and some other locations located in the district of Lombok Utara can be easy in the route through Senggigi.

The natural beauty of Lombok Senggigi Beach is quite amazing. This area consists of several long hugging beaches in the south ranging from Batu Bolong, Batulayar Beach, Mangsit, Senggigi, and Kerandangan. In each place has its own beauty that you can enjoy when visiting Senggigi. Senggigi Beach Lombok is not only beautiful during the day, but also looks amazing in the afternoon. When the day turns into dark, Senggigi Beach Lombok sky increasingly showing its beauty. The clear blue sky progressively reds and reds, and the sun’s view which seems to sink and finally disappear like a sea, adds to the romance of this beach. So do not be surprised if you will find many newlyweds waiting to watch the moment of sunset on this beach.

Besides that, Senggigi beach has complete facilities there. Senggigi Beach Lombok is not as big as Kuta Beach in Bali, but by setting foot on this beach, you will feel the same sensation when you travel in Kuta Beach Bali. This beach not only presents the beauty of your holiday with family, but also will provide the comfort for you. At Senggigi Beach you will not find it difficult to get the things you need during a vacation on this beach because this beach is available any facilities that you will definitely need with family.

How to get to Sengigi Lombok Beach

To get Senggigi beach is not difficult you think. However just prepare the budget as well as possible. One of the factors that make this place desirable is because of its very easy location accessible to anyone. Senggigi Beach is located not far from Lombok International Airport. You can travel about 52 km from there. Even if you land at Selaparang Airport, Mataram you will travel a shorter distance. You only need for about 20 up to 30 minutes to get to Senggigi Beach Lombok. While, if you are coming to Lombok by air, the easiest and more exclusive way to reach this location is by ordering a pick up at your trusted travel agent the price will depend on the type and size of the pickup car, but that is not the only option you can use the airport taxi service by purchasing a ticket at the arrival counter or the cheapest way by using public transportation (Damri) provided by the local government to several other areas one way to Senggigi.

Bali to Sengigi Lombok

bali to senggigi fery

Bali to Senggigi Fery ( Pict source:

Through the port of pery Lembar, this port is a link between Lombok and Bali, it takes for about 4 to 5 hours from Bali port to Lembar. From this place you can use taxi services, or rent a car or use public transit services to Mandalika station, from this station ride public transportation to the market Kebon Roeq Ampenan and from here on public transport to senggigi.


Lombok airport to Sengigi

Then, you can use the fast boat. Using a fast boat that departs from the island of Bali, fast boat companies will usually provide pick-up for the entire island of Bali and departures are divided in several points on the island of Bali such as from Padang Bae and Amed to Gili Trawangan, Teluk Kodeq and Senggigi. Fast boat ticket prices are very affordable from 350,000 upwards, fast boat mileage is faster and saves time compared to pery liner to Sheet, which is about 45 to 1 hour. If you have journey from Bali Lombok destinations more easily with the operation of fast boat Marina Srikandi 8. Fast ship mode is to shorten the travel time of Bali-Lombok, until just 40 minutes from Padang bae Port in Bali, directly to the beach Senggigi in West Lombok. During this time, tourists who come through Bali must use air transportation that takes a long travel time. Lombok International Airport is about 55 kilometers south of Senggigi or two hours by road. The first crossing of Marina Srikandi 8 is done with 100 people from travel agents in Bali who will handle the journey of foreign tourists.


Where to stay in Sengigi Lombok

There are many hotels standing on the beach area of Senggigi Lombok. Various hotel options available from the classmate of jasmine hotels, private villas, boutique hotels, cottages 2 star hotel up to 5 star class. Choice of room types that are offered vary with a variety price also. This inn is spread in Sengggi Beach area of Lombok and also hilly area. Thus, just prepare your budget in having holiday here. Because you do not need worry anymore where you should stay because there are many choices of the place that you can rent to stay as your budget you have.


Best Things to do in Sengigi Lombok

There are many activities on Senggigi Beach Lombok that you can do with your beloved family, friends or couple, they are as follows:

  1. Enjoying the morning view

In the morning you will be pampered with the beauty of the morning sun emerging from the hills and coastal as well as no less beautiful, you can enjoy the fresh air. Then, you can also enjoy the calm stretch of sea and see the activities of fishermen that are looking for fish.

  1. Swimming and snorkeling

The next activities you can do in Senggigi beach Lombok is swimming or snorkeling. It is because the beach is a bay and the water flow is quite calm. While you can also rent snorkeling equipment there such as life jacket, pins, and snorkeling glasses. So, you do not have to worry if you do not bring snorkeling equipment in your vacation.

  1. Playing canoeing

There are points to play this sport, you can see many young people and foreigners play with the waves, the waves in this area is not too big so it is suitable for beginners and you can join a lightning surf course, pay 200 to 300 thousand.

  1. Fishing

The next activity is fishing. There are lots of spots to do this activity and you can choose on the beach or in the middle of the sea. Just like any other activity equipment, all the fishing equipment you can rent but if you choose fishing in the middle of the sea rental equipment is also included with the boat rental price. If you want in a more exclusive way you can rent a yacht to splurge favorite fishing spots.

  1. Dancing in the afternoon.

In the afternoon activities on the beach began to dense and a beautiful time to enjoy the sunset with the background of Agung Bali Mountain. This scenery can only be found in Senggigi Beach Lombok.


Best place to go at night in sengigi Lombok

When it is going the dark and the day turn in to the night, of course you also still need some entertainment that make you are not boring at the place where you stay in your trip and holiday. Here some places that you can visit when the night come in Senggigi Lombok.

  1. Pura Batu Bolong

Batu Bolong Temple is the perfect location to enjoy the sunset. The moment of sunset is a moment that most awaited by tourists. That said, this is where you can see the most fascinating sunset. Batu Bolong Temple is crowded with visitors until the evening.

  1. Enchantment Night In Senggigi

Senggigi Beach becomes a favorite tourist attraction for tourists, because it has a special attraction for other attractions on the island of Lombok. The beauty of the beach during the day still streaked until the night seemed to never fade or fade away will be a sun ambush in the afternoon. At night, Senggigi beach atmosphere slightly different and typical than the daytime. The beauty of light bulbs are squeezed here and there either on the roadside to illuminate the beach lips to make anyone chuckle awe.

  1. Roundabout

The first icon you encounter when visiting the island Lombok is a roundabout if you pass through the Sheet port. If the night comes the roundabout will roar, then you will feel at home hanging out here. If lucky then you will find a fountain that comes out from the sidelines of this roundabout.

  1. Taman Sangkareang

Lombok tour the next night is Taman Sangkareang. This park is in the center of Mataram City. The complex is so wide that it is often used as a venue for concerts or art performances. This park provides some facilities as like mushala, children’s playground, cycling arena, garden chairs, toilets, and. This park began crowded when the afternoon until night. Many young people make Taman Sangkareang as a place to gather and take pictures.

  1. Gili Trawangan In the Night

Gili Trawangan is one of the place in Senggigi Lombok that you can visit in the night. It has quite attract tourists is the Art Market. During the night, Pasar Seni is actually visited by many tourists, both foreign tourists and local tourists. Here, you can have dinner with a beach background. In addition, there are also some places that provide movies together on the beach. Gili Trawangan is one of Lombok’s night tours that offers a 24-hour tourist destination.

  1. Mayura Palace Park

Park Mayura Palace is a park built by a king from Bali. The term Mayura itself means a peacock. Park Mayura Palace is divided into two, namely the park and temple area. The garden area is surrounded by mangosteen trees that serve as a guardrail. The temple area at the Mayura Palace Park can be visited by anyone. Usually, this temple is used as a means of worship of Hindus. There are four main temples here, namely Pura Gunung Rinjani, Pura Gedong, Pura Ngelurah, and Pura Padmasana.

  1. Udayana Park

Green open space park, that’s the right name for this place. This tourist place is located in the center of Mataram, precisely on Jalan Udayana. This place is getting crowded as the sun begins to sink. The majority of the evening visitors were young people meeting. But, there is also just mingle with his friends. In addition, the park is a place udayana culinary attractions that fit at night. You can taste Lombok cuisine in this place.


Great restaurant in senggigi

Restaurant on the edge of Senggigi Lombok Beach has a variety of classes and concepts from young people to super luxury. If you want to try Lombok’s typical food, you can find it from the classmates of street vendors and also restaurants. You can try the beachside restaurant while enjoying your food can also enjoy the natural beauty. Lombok culinary specialties such as Taliwang Chicken, Sate Bulayak, Plecing Kangkung, Bebalung, and other Indonesian food as well as western food you can enjoy in Senggigi Beach Lombok without having to visit the place of origin of the typical food. That’s all for the explanation, expecting much it can be useful for you as a reader.

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