The Amazing Beauty of Culture and Nature of Toba Lake Sumatera

The Amazing Beauty of Culture and Nature of Toba Lake Sumatera

Toba Lake SumateraToba Lake is one of the great natural wonders of the world. It is a big crater lake that has the island in the middle. At more than 1,145 kilometres of the square, and 450 meters of depth, Lake Toba is actually more look at the ocean. It is the largest lake in South East Asia and become one of the deepest lakes in the world.

Toba is one of place to come and sit back, relax and soak up some beautiful chaste scenery. You can sit and take in the beautiful scenery of the mountains against clear lakes and cool, and you will feel the beauty of the world. As the lake which has placed on 900 meters above sea level, there is cooler climate to making a refreshing break from the humidity, heat, and pollution from the city.

Toba Lake Sumatera

Adventure on Samosir Island in the middle of the lake, you will find mountains steeped in cool mist, waterfalls and clear to swim under and locals take a pig in a poke.

This is the place to come and also enjoy the legendary Batak friendliness. You can feel and enjoys some traditional palm wine with the native. Sit and drink a cup coffee and also chat with the island eager to practice their English. Wherever you go, it will not take long to get new friends.


Many visitors choose to take the option of a more beautiful and lived on a large island of Samosir where placed in the middle of the lake. The original home of the Batak Toba, the island has many effects from ancient days including stone tombs and also traditional villages, such as at Ambarita that has a courtyard with furniture of stone where in the old days it was tried convicted and beheaded. Another option, you can visit Simanindo, the place of traditional Batak ritual dances and music. In this spot, you can find a unique culture and ancient Toba. At Tomok you can find souvenirs and Pathak handicrafts. Samosir Island is can be accessible by regular ferries from Parapat. Boats also ply around the island regularly.

On the middle island, there is accommodation available in the Parapat town. Parapat occupies, almost a small rocky island that juts into the lake. Along the way to Parapat from the hill town of Berastagi, you will get some great views as the lake comes first on the horizon and the road makes its way down the mountain closer to the beach. Parapat Batak Simalungun and Batak Toba people who live out happy and quiet, well-known for their songs and emotional life. Although the majority has embraced Christianity and the beliefs and ancient traditions remain.

In spite of being a tourist area for many years, Lake Toba natural beauty of nature remained undisturbed. Adventure away from the small villages, you may find yourself in a country surrounded by churches, farmland, and tombs peppering the landscape.

It will be difficult to explain all the beauty of this place. If you are really a traveller, visit this wonderful Toba Lake Sumatera to feel an amazing beauty of culture and nature.

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