Visit Kaliurang to Feel an Amazing Beauty of Nature

Visit Kaliurang to Feel an Amazing Beauty of Nature

Kaliurang – If you are looking for a getaway from the cold precision and beauty of nature, you might try to visit tourist attractions in Yogyakarta Kaliurang. There are many places that offer a different beauty. Kaliurang complex itself is shaped like a right and the left side is still surrounded by vast forests and beautiful. There are places where we can see the beauty of Kaliurang, each station consideration.

The resort is located on the slopes of Mount Merapi, 24 km north of Yogyakarta and surrounded by breathtaking countryside. “Telogo Muncar” waterfall and pool make this resort a place of entertainment, very nice. Kaliurang Plawangan located in the foothills on the southern slope of Mount Merapi, about 28 kilometres north of Yogyakarta. It is a refreshing holiday resort of asylum seekers and quiet in the middle of tropical beauty.

Kaliurang tourist attraction is to open up the slope, and thus put this is one of the plateau, which has a cool and airy. You can tell Kaliurang the “peak” of the city of Yogyakarta, with a location that is close enough, just about 40-60 drive from the city of Yogyakarta.

Many people visit Kaliurang, especially during the holidays. young people such as Scouts, and enjoy going there because the city provides sites and places for hiking and camping. Those who like mountain climbing can climb Mount Merapi, from Kaliurang. One can stay in Kaliurang later start in the morning, climbing Merapi through the village of Kinahrejo down again during the day.

When the weather is sunny, the panoramic spectacle of the surrounding forest, which includes Plawangan and Kaliurang, green and rolling countryside that fades into the distant horizon of the Indian Ocean can be easily observed. The best time to see the mountain shortly after sunrise, when the morning light even begins to lift the shroud of mist around the peak.

Many houses buried under lava material, and it is this area as lava buried Kaliadem has sunk. Even so, we can still visit there to be able to find traces of lava flows with the background of Mount Merapi, which seemed very strange. the situation there remains because since the eruption of Mount Merapi occurred.

Another uniqueness of Kaliurang is, here the main road that can be transmitted through the car there are many branches which are all interconnected with each other, so we could spend time with just around the streets of this tourist area.

Still other places around Kaliurang, there you can walk along the river the road is clear and clean. Sometimes we will not feel tired when we walk down the street in a place like that. Or if you want to see the former caterpillar, you can stop at Kaliadem. There you will be treated to views like former courage trim covers a large river with sand.

All in all, Kaliurang is the best destination choice. If you want to spend your holiday in the wonderful place, visit Kaliurang to feel an amazing beauty of nature.




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