Visit Merapi Volcano to Feel an Amazing Mountain of Fire

Merapi Volcano – Merapi volcano also is known is an active stratovolcano which located on the border between Yogyakarta and Central Java, Indonesia. This is the most active volcano in Indonesia and erupted regularly since 1548. Merapi located about 28 km from Yogyakarta city in the north, thousands of people who live at the foot of the volcano, with villages up to 1700 meters above sea level.

Merapi Volcano

Merapi name can be translated in general as “Mountain of Fire” from the Javanese word of Meru which has means “mountain” and api which has means “fire”. It can be seen emerging from the mountaintop smoke at least 300 days a year, and several explosions have caused death. Hot gas from a massive explosion killed 27 people on November 22, 1994, mostly in the western town of Muntilan volcano. Another large explosion occurred in 2006, shortly before the earthquake in Yogyakarta. Merapi poses risks to inhabited areas of light, has been appointed as one of the volcanoes contracts.

On October 25, 2010, the Indonesian government raised the signal for Merapi Volcano to its highest level and warned village people in threatened areas to move to safer areas. It was said to the people who live in the area, 20 km or 12.5 miles to evacuate. The government said volcanic earthquakes happen about 500 times on the mountain, the magma has risen to nearly one kilometre below the earth’s surface as a result of seismic activity. After October 25, 2010, behind Mount Merapi erupted lava at the southern slope of the east and south.

However, Merapi Volcano has wonderful view. It is one of place that should visit. There is some package for the visitor. You can pick up Merapi Trekking full tour to visit held Merapi to climb to the peak of Merapi to enjoy the panoramic view atop Mount Merapi, this tour will offer the experience at the top of Merapi which has 2,960 m above sea level of high in one of the very active volcano in Java, Sunrise absolutely amazing sun and panoramic views over the island of Java.

Another package is visiting merapi with merapi  lava tour. It is travel with a jeep ride 4 × 4’s in Kaliadem, a village located on the east side of the slopes of Mount Merapi, which was destroyed by a volcanic eruption presents the exciting adventures light jeep pull aged 4 ×, 4 parents, to see the ease of volcanic activity such as cold lava, rock boom, as you can see Merapi small museum during this round. Kaliadem village is also one of the palaces where they can also enjoy the beauty of the sunrise and offers the experience to finish the adventure in Merapi, before leaving early before the sun rises in the morning from the hotel in the city of Jogjakarta.

All in all, Merapi is the best destination choice. If you want to spend your holiday in the wonderful place, visit Merapi Volcano to feel an amazing beauty of volcano.


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