Visit Taman Safari Cisarua Puncak to Feel an Amazing Adventure of Wildlife

Visit Taman Safari Cisarua Puncak to Feel an Amazing Adventure of  Wildlife

Taman Safari Cisarua Puncak – Taman Safari Indonesia I (TSI I) or called Taman Safari Indonesia Cisarua Puncak place for family recreation and wildlife habitat and the tourism-oriented environment in wild.Indonesian Cisarua Safari Park is a blend of modern zoos and nature. This place is located in the village Cibeureum, District Cisarua, Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. Taman Safari Indonesia Cisarua founded in 1980 by occupy 138.5 hectares, was officially opened to the public in 1986.

Taman Safari Cisarua Puncak

Taman Safari Cisarua Puncak has become a garden tea plantations which are no longer productive, situated at an altitude of 900 meters to 1800 meters above sea level, temperatures in the Mediterranean 16 ° C – 24 ° C and in a buffer Pangrango Gunung Gede-time national park. On March 16, 1990, this place was inaugurated by Minister of Forestry as be off-site conservation institutions and central deployment of endangered species in Indonesia. Taman Safari Indonesia Cisarua than as entertainment sites. Taman Safari few functions are also items, namely an active role in helping job protection and conservation of wildlife endangered due to habitat loss. In addition, it also works to promote knowledge by conducting various studies to support wildlife conservation and conduct campaigns and education and counselling about preserving the environment.

Taman Safari Cisarua Puncak has a collection of more than 2,500 animal tail, which consists of 250 species and most of the reviews of this endangered species. Type of endangered species including Panthera tigris sumatrae or Sumatran tiger, Elephas maximus sumatrae or the Sumatran elephant, Leucopsar rotsildi or Curik Bali, bubalus depressicornis or Anoa and various kind of reptiles. Taman Safari Indonesia Cisarua has a group of local animals and animals from abroad. The local wildlife such as Komodo, Bison, Black Bear Honey, White Tigers, Elephants, Anoa and others.

For the accomodation to enjoy your trip, they provides safari bus, an artificial lake, swimming pool with slide waves, jet ski, boat, mini train that crosses the village in African style, garden birds, zoo, baby, ferris wheel, elephant riding, horse ridding, carousel, circus performance, a region gocart, a car bomb, devil’s house, the traditional art and witchcraft in the open theater Hall Ruyung Safari, animal education shows, children’s play ground, caravans the hotel, and the wild-wild West. In Taman Safari Cisarua Puncak there is also a waterfall.

To arrive in Taman Safari Cisarua Puncak, this is only about 80 km from the city of Jakarta. And also about 78 km from the city of Bandung. If from Jakarta or Bandung, you can use public transportation such as bus and stopping at Cibeureum Cisarua, and then proceed with the use of public transportation and takes up to 15 minutes to reach the Taman Safari Cisarua Puncak.

Taman Safari Cisarua Puncak is open every day from 09.00 up to 17.00. If you want to visit Taman Safari Cisarua Puncak at night (Night Safari), go to the start time of 19.00 up to 21:00.

All in all, this park spoil your fine choice. If you want to spend your holiday, visit this stunning Taman Safari Cisarua Puncak to feel an amazing adventure of world wild.


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