Visiting the Stunning Senggigi beach Lombok

Visiting the Stunning Senggigi beach Lombok

Sengigi beach Lombok is the center of a half-dozen or so sweeping the bays as well as exposed the beach that runs north to south along the western coast of Lombok. The town straddles busy the north south by running road is considered as more than a series of tourist focused hotel, restaurant,  travel agents, hotels and a never ending stream of touts offering their services. Even by the standards of Bali and the touts are in a class of its own.

Sengigi beach Lombok

Senggigi beach Lombok (photo by

The central beach is home to the pier, which has a fast boat from Bali Services. Sand was off grey but clean in front of the big resort, in other places particularly in front of the Art market at Senggigi Beach Lombok. Senggigi beach Lombok does not leave in the dusk when the sun sets behind the Bali and Nusa Pineda In the distance. There are plenty of restaurants on the beachside with the promontory that separates the beach and the bay, from which to enjoy the gloomy vista.

Away from the head and on the sand, like the southern coast of Bali, the touts can reduce the quiet time on the sand. Many restaurants on the beachside go as far as the presence of apology pages in length explaining away vendors and touts that they stay away from the restaurant area directly. The sand is mostly gray wheat soot, and can get very hot under foot.  Senggigi beach Lombok has a lot of domestic tourism, especially on Sundays, when the headlands and beaches can be packed with the road and the locals are busy withmini-bemos, cars and with motorcycle.

If you want to stay in Senggigi, there are some accommodation choices in the center of things, from affordable home through to very reasonable hotels. The true top is farther north, about Mangsit, where you will find, among other things, Jeeva Klui and Quincy Villas stake out some of the best stretches of real estate beach. North still, more than an hour north of Sengiggi right, you will find the Tugu and Oberoi by sire peninsula. This is flashest excavations in the area.

senggigi beach lombok

Senggigi Beach Lombok ( photo:

There are also many places to eat, starting from western to Indonesian’s outlet. Some popular dinner meal is grilled corn on the side Pura Batu Bolong. Or take satay in particular or a plentiful street fare,  in the afternoon near the art market area. Senggigi has many accesses for international ATM. The post office is towards the northern end of the central Gaza Strip, compared to almost Ozzie. Some small pharmacies scattered throughout the city, but the nearest hospital is in Mataram for a serious accident heading to Bali for treatment.

From the center of Senggigi, Batu Layar in the south and the Klui and Mangsit to the north don’t  walk distance even Kerandangan  and Batu Bolong are an extension, so you’ll need your own transportation or use a driver. The central coast is not anything to get your feet wet; however it is s a quiet day on a beach. That’s all about Senggigi beach Lombok

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