The Wonderful Of Raja Ampat Papua

The Wonderful Of Raja Ampat papua

Raja Ampat Papua is in Papua in Indonesia. The name given to raja ampat comes from a local myth. The four main islands found here are Mesol, Waigeo, Batanta and salawati. Overall, the visitors/ diver will join the live aboard, stay in the home stay or stay in the diving resort during their visit to the Raja Ampat. Liveaboards depart from Sorong as well as take guests around Raja Ampat. To get to the dive spot, they use a small inflatable boat with some divers.

Most diving resort offers pick up from Sorong by a private speedboat. Otherwise, visitors will north Raja Ampat Papua can take a ferry from Sorong to Waisai. The ferries leave every day at 14h00 from Sorong city and come in Waisai around 16h30. From Waisai, the visitors are going to picked up by diving boats. They should ensure that they contact the resort before they arrive to Waisai. To get to the dive boat, resort use on their own. If guests want to visit any island on their own, they have to hire a boat.

Raja Ampat Papua

Raja Ampat Papua ( photo from :

To get to the residence or home stay, the visitors must take a ferry from Sorong to Waisai as well as arrange the transfer of their own accommodation service. There are no public ferries to get to the islands where the residences are. If guests want to visit the area, then they have to talk with the home stay owner, arrange with his boat. For example, on the way back (Waisai-Arborek) cost about $ 150 / boat. Before going into the dive, the diver must obtain permission from the local Papua police station. Guests should present three copies of the passport page and the passport with the Indonesian Visa. Organizers can help them dive in such formalities.

Raja Ampat Islands

Raja Ampat Islands

In Raja Ampat Papua, you can see different types of corals and fish. Raja Ampat papua is the place where coral species, reaching 75% species and nearly 1,300 species of fish. This site is not complete without a visit to the Arborek, Piyanemo and Wayag islands. Raja Ampat Papua is also a paradise for bird watchers. For instance, you can see wild birds such as Wilson bird of paradise or Cendrawasih Bird of Paradise and the different eagles, cockatoos and more birds as well.

NIce Raja Ampat Papua

NIce Raja Ampat Papua (photo:

The Raja Ampat Regency are completely natural with the enormous biodiversity. The wonderful marine ocean means that underwater photography should be on your top of the list during you stay in Raja Ampat. However, the natural Raja Ampat, a high level of Enedemic Island, coastal environment, local culture and traditions islands and sea biodiversity offer more than just an amazing display to photograph.

Raja Ampat Nature Underwater Photo

Raja Ampat Nature Underwater Photo


Dive Raja Ampat

Dive Raja Ampat

On west and north Waigeo, you can see the performance of the traditional bamboo flute. This traditional performance usually lasts for a religious festival, on Indonesian’s Independence Day, during the important officials or leaders’ visits. If you are interested in anthropology, this is certainly something to consider in your agenda. That’s all the information about Raja Ampat Papua.

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